You create a successful business by knowing your product or service well, and you grow your business by bringing in new customers and clients. But how do you get new customers and clients?

Copywriting for business is a very specific skill. Understanding what makes customers respond is crucial to writing copy that compels them to act. Successful ad copy utilizes the psychology of decision making. It should appeal to:

• Emotions

• Fears

• Desires

• Insecurities

• Dreams

…and it should do so in a way that is subtle but effective.

Whether it is website copy, direct mail, or a print brochure, every piece of business-related writing should be viewed as a direct-response piece—that is to say, it should inspire an interest in your product or service, and it should drive the potential customer to act on that interest immediately.

It’s not enough just to create a marketing program, to build a website, to send out postcards. Your message has to be compelling in order to increase traffic. I can work with you to create copy that will gain truly measurable results from your next ad campaign or mailing, or even from the website you already have. If you are going to take the time and energy to create these marketing tools, make sure they are driving as much traffic as they possibly can. I will create the copy that will do this for you.

Contact me today and let’s discuss how you can start seeing great results from your marketing program right away.